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Tonkatsu in Windsor

Inspired by traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist, Ton & Co has opened the doors to its
Tonkatsu and pork-focused restaurant in Windsor.

With diverse backgrounds, owners Jason How and Andrew Poon have joined forces to share their
love of a meat that in their opinion, often goes under appreciated, with How – an experienced chef and
restaurateur – heading up the kitchen, and Poon – an accountant and food photographer – assisting
with back-end operations.

Hailing from Malaysia, where head chef How operated ANTE – a restaurant whose signature pork
dishes won the restaurant the TimeOut Kuala Lumpur ‘Best Place for Meats’ award – the new
Melbourne outpost continues the homage to the humble pork; this time exploring How and Poon’s
fascination and passion for Japanese flavours and refined cooking techniques.

Obsessed with the quality of the meats, Ton & Co work with local butchers to carefully specify their
requirements including the age of the animal, and with further in-house techniques, How utilises his
specialist knowledge to achieve a more tender, juicy and flavorsome result by curing and resting the
meats for around 4 days.

Ton and Co

For the carnivores, the award-winning signature Pork Ribeye Steak is hard to avoid, while the thickcut
Tonkatsu options ranging from striploin to bone-in ribeye are not to be missed as well. Whether
served with a side of Japanese potato salad or fries, they’re best to wash down with your pick from a
diverse drinks list, ranging from plum wine (choya), sake, a mixture of local and Japanese beers, to a
predominantly local wines list.

Whilst pork may reign champion on the menu, the seafood option is anything but ordinary. Poached
salmon is served with a honey miso glaze, seaweed crust, shiitake mushroom broth, and sake
steamed leeks.

Housed in a compact and cosy space that feels like home, the slick, minimal interior is perfect for a
quick bite or a long, lazy dinner with friends.

“Ultimately, we aim to share our love for Tonkatsu and pork steaks, and to utilise our knowledge to
bring out the best in pork,” says How.

“Pork can be a divided meat, and many shy away from eating pork due to its strong flavours.
However, with the right preparation, it can be more subtle and incredibly delicious.”

The Details

118 High Street, Windsor VIC

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri: 5pm – 10pm
Sat: 12pm – 3pm and 5pm – 10pm
Sun: 5pm – 10pm

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