Night Noodle Market

Things To Eat at the Night Noodle Markets

The menu’s have been released ahead of the Night Noodle Markets’ kick off on 9 November until 26 November at Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr.

Not-to-be-missed dishes from some of the amazing stalls include:

  • Hochi Mama – ‘Grilled Pork Slider’, char-grilled pork and fresh Vietnamese slaw with mayo, in between two soft
    brioche buns
  • Cloud Thief (nee Bao Stop) – ‘Old School Trifecta’ – fluffy steamed buns filled with braised pork belly, fried chicken and Peking duck
  • Nem N’ Nem – ‘Loaded of Fries’, topped with pulled beef or tofu satay
  • Bibimbap – Korean rice bowl with beef, chicken or tofu, vegetables and sauce
  • Dum and Dumpling – ‘Dum Dum Ball’, authentic pork dim sum, steamed to perfection
  • Sambal Kampung – Roti Canai with curry chicken
  • Poklol – ‘Chichi Fries’, bulgogi beef, chilli chicken or chilli pork served on beer battered fries with cheese, kimchi,
    shallots, Japanese mayo and a sweet Korean BBQ sauce
  • Puffle – ‘KFC Cheese puffle’, Korean fried chicken stuffed inside a cone-shaped egg-filled cheese waffle, topped
    with Japanese mayo and shallots
  • Twistto – ‘Original Korean Twist Potato’, fresh potato, hand cut into a tornado shape, twisted on a stick, deep
    fried and finished with various seasonings
  • Little Kyoto – ‘Phoritto’, Vietnamese-styled burritos
  • Hoy Pinoy – Cebu-style Lechon, chopped and served on rice with atchara and spiced vinegar
  • Spanthai – Fresh mango and sticky rice with coconut sauce
  • Taiwan Noodle House – Taiwanese hand-pulled noodles topped with five spice beef broth, 16 hour cooked
    brisket, sui yuk crispy roast pork belly, char siu roast pork and steamed Chinese vegetables
  • Teppanyaki Noodles – Authentic Yakisoba with sizzling chicken, beef or vegetables
  • The Wagyu – Japanese BBQ beef and yogurt wrapped in a cone, served on a rice base with spinach, lettuce,
    purple onion
  • Shallot Thai – ‘Crackling Pork Noodle’, roasted pork belly in caramelised sauce with boiled egg noodles
  • Bangkok Street Food – Signature grill pork ball
  • Donburi Station – Beef or chicken Donburi stew on Japanese rice
  • Mahjong – ‘Dan Dan Noodle’, Szechuan hawker style spicy chicken noodles
  • Wonderbao – ‘Guabao Box’, roast pork belly, sweet & spicy Korean fried chicken, and panko crumbed eggplant

With savoury tastes fully satisfied, Night Noodle Markets is also taking care of sweet-toothed Melburnians:

  • The Brûlée Cart – ‘Salty Sailor’, salted caramel and ginger crème brûlée torched to order with peanut popcorn.
  • Waffleland – ‘Black Panda’, fresh baked waffle with black sesame maple syrup and icing sugar
  • Blackstar Pastry – ‘Death by Chocolate Parfait’ – custard soaked cake topped with Oreos, cookies and cream gelato, whipped cream made from the best whippers by nangdelivery and a dusting of coca.
  • Gelato Messina – ‘Kamikaze Katsu’, Sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and panko crumbs sandwiched in fluffy white bread with yuzu sauce.

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