Games Week

Melbourne International Games Week

Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) is an annual eight-day event hosted by Creative Victoria celebrating the diverse and robust community of game industry professionals within Victoria and across Australia.

The week-long festival connects Victoria’s games sector with consumers and international peers while showcasing the possibilities of games and game technologies to the digital games industry, businesses and the community.

Featuring a range of industry, educational, and public events including Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), Unite Melbourne, and PAX Australia, MIGW brings together local, national, and international talent from all spheres of game development. This event is perfect for anyone interested in honing their craft or networking with leaders of Australia’s thriving digital entertainment business.


PAX AUS is back for 2018! Australia’s largest video and table top gaming festival returns to Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre to celebrate gaming culture at its best.

2018 will feature an action-packed 3-day event jammed with all the good gaming stuff: from retro to VR, PCs to consoles, table top games, esports tournaments, music concerts, and over 100 panels featuring industry experts and personalities. Get ready for gaming nirvana!

The Details

20 – 28 October 2018

Check out the website for all the details:

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