Tram Coach

Meet the Tram Coach

Passengers on Melbourne’s trams are being given a fresh reminder about staying safe with the arrival of Yarra Trams’ latest safety ambassador – Tram Coach.

Tram Coach will be introduced across the network from today (Sunday 19th, November).

His mission is to educate and remind Melburnians to travel safely on trams and reduce the incidence of slips, trips and falls by sharing helpful advice that promotes safer behaviours and mindset.

With 75 per cent of the world’s largest tram network operating on shared roads, sudden braking can occur to avoid vehicles or pedestrians that move into the path of trams. Yarra Trams is introducing Tram Coach to make sure everyone, particularly older passengers, is equipped with the knowledge to reach their destination safely.

Tram Coach
Tram Coach

Tram Coach’s advice will encourage passengers to make sure they take a seat when available or have a secure stance and handhold if standing.

Emilie van de Graaff,Yarra Trams’ passenger and network innovation director, said: “Nothing is more important than the safety of passengers, our community and our employees. The campaign is designed to promote safe behaviours on trams, and encourages passengers to look out for each other while travelling.”

“Tram drivers have to apply emergency brakes every day and it is important that passengers are aware of how to be safe while travelling,” he added.

More than 200 million passenger trips were taken on Melbourne’s tram network last year. Tram patronage and traffic density are both expected to continue rising as Melbourne’s population grows, increasing the need for passengers to be aware about safety.

Tram Coach will appear on trams across Melbourne this week. To find out more about the campaign and see Tram Coach in action visit:


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